Low-Cost Solar Water Heater

Affordable and Efficient Solar geyser for Low-cost Housing, Rural Farming and Under-privileged Communities in Africa.

Low-cost solar water heater
Solar geyser heats up to 56 degrees celcius
30 year lifespan
80 litre capacity
made in south africa

No electricity

Long lasting

Low cost

Easy instalation

Efficient & Affordable Solar Water Heating

Our low-cost solar geyser is designed and manufactured in South Africa, with the specific needs of communities without access to electricity in mind. With a long lifespan of up t 30 years, our solar geyser can provide a reliable source of hot water for basic needs like washing and cleaning all year round and without the need for electricity. 

African child washing hands with warm water from her low cost solar geyser
lady hanging up laundry in front of house with Low-cost solar water heater

Durable and Reliable

Made with corrosion-free and leak-proof materials, this solar geyser has been impact tested to withstand even the toughest conditions. With a tested maximum temperature of 56 degrees at sea level, you can be sure that your water will be heated to the perfect temperature, even on the hottest days.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The product comes complete with two inlets and two outlets, as well as water-connecting fittings and a header tank bracket. This means that installation can be done with minimal effort or expertise required, making readily available hot water accessible to any community.

Coloured retired man with Low-cost solar water heater on roof

Committed to Serving Communities

At Township Green, we are committed to serving the needs of poor people living in townships and rural communities. Our low-cost solar water heater can improve the quality of life and provide access to hot water for basic needs. 


We believe that access to clean and hot water should be a basic human right, and we are dedicated to making it possible for everyone. 

In Partnership With

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Our solar water geyser is a game-changer for communities that lack access to reliable and affordable hot water.

Our goal is to take this product from design to mass production and we are currently seeking investors who share our vision and are interested in supporting this innovative and impactful project.




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