About Township Green

Welcome to Township Green, a company dedicated to providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to communities in need.

Township Green was started in 2008 and is a company owned by a Black Female, which seeks to uplift various communities through environmental and human resource initiatives. The company is Knysna/Polokwane based and understands the rural-urban dynamics associated with local communities.


To be the key role player in the development of both people and economic opportunities within a socially and ecologically responsible framework.


We are committed to developing an operational model which will enable us to:

  • Contribute in a positive manner to social upliftment;
  • Ensure we not only comply with Environmental and other Legislation but are proactive in our ecological interface to achieve minimum disruption and maximum sustainability;
  • Assemble the correct teams across our divisions, achieving the energy and synergy which will achieve world-leading projects;
  • Continually monitor and evaluate our strategies to achieve the best fit;
  • Work with conscientious investors committed to making the world a better place.

Corporate Responsibility

As with any company we are embedded in the social and ecological framework of the continent, and our commitment is to ensure that in whatever we do we make a positive contribution and leave things better than we found them.


Our solar water geyser is a game-changer for communities that lack access to reliable and affordable hot water.

Our goal is to take this product from design to mass production and we are currently seeking investors who share our vision and are interested in supporting this innovative and impactful project.